Let’s not deal with politics but character—A case study

ZahlenradHoroscopes and psychic methods are fun toys. I like to read my daily or weekly predictions, calculate my “daily number,” or watch out for the typical omens, such as a black cat. On the left, the Tyrolean Numbers, my newest discovery. Let’s do the wheel on Trump after I explain the basics.

Oooh, yeah, numerology. When I am having a really “interesting” day, I calculate my daily number to see if I should have expected everything to go wrong. Definitely. Everybody has his or her own pet peeves or superstitions. Unfortunately, I never made it far enough to calculate my ascendents, descendents, transcendents, or, for that matter, houses and angles, and the planets orchestrated therein. I am so failing as an astrologer. Astro-logic? Maybe there is no logic, but I find this sort of intelligence enticing.

Zahlenrad_BuchNow, here we go again. I “discovered” the Tyrolean Wheel of Numbers. “Das Tiroler Zahlenrad” by Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe (Graefe Unzer Verlag). Based on a person’s birthdate numbers, this easy-to-remember method provides an analysis of personality, character, and talents. Johanna Paungger collected this traditional tool for healing and decision making from her childhood experience. She grew up in a small mountain community with little money but a lot of folk wisdom. The English version of her book is available from Simon & Schuster.

I have used the Tyrolean Numbers on the analysis of friends and family members and was perplexed how well it struck a chord each time. All you need is a person’s birthdate. What is it good for? It can be a decision help in childrearing, partnership, or business deals. It helps you think about people you are dealing with.

The Tyrolean Wheel of Numbers has five pairs of numbers and five colors. The numbers of a birthdate are entered in the wheel by color designation (see below); zeros are only entered as parts of double digits (10, 20, 30 etc.); years are only counted as the last two digits (zeros ignored in, for example, 2003 = 3)

ZahlenradNorth: 1 & 6, color blue = intellect, creativity, new inventions, sensibility, analytical capacity; water is on the move and finds its way; looking beyond the current horizon; professions are journalists, scientist, pioneer, or diplomat; negative: may feel lonely, bored or anxious; easily offended; may show attitudes and power lust

East: 3 & 8, color green = compassionate clarity, diplomatic and pedagogical, shows musical and “green” talents, caring, harmonious, generous, hopeful; great success in healing and agricultural professions; negative: can be pedantic, meddling, nosey; stubborn regardless of consequences; wasteful; may give too much (depletion)

South: 2 & 7, color red = passion and temperament; charismatic and entertaining; early risers, talented dancers, enthusiasm; inspiring and motivating; great problem solvers; tend to gather awards and recognitions (public life); professions are in religion, show business, philosophy, art; negative: can be despotic, arrogant, tight wad, extravagant, exaggerating, overly dramatic, or depleting him/herself

West: 4 & 6, color white = business acumen, well versed with money, rational, reliable, enduring; talented in the crafts; driven for success; critical and ambitious; keeps up relationships well; professions are builder, mechanic, pilot, lawyer, inventor, merchant/business; negative: contradictory, pedantic & petty; materialistic, corruptible, destructive; egocentric and power hungry; manipulative; critical to others, but easily offended himself

Middle: 5 & 0, color yellow = centered character, reliable and self-reliant, trustworthy, deep spirituality, rooted in traditions, taking care of people; born as natural helper; enduring; professions: farming, forestry, geologist, mother, (sincere) merchant; negative: spendthrift and wasteful; brooding in deep thought; tolerating too much without protest; detached from reality.

TrumpCropLet’s do the Tyrolean numbers, for example, on D Trump,  born June 14, 1946. As you can see, we filled all the numbers into the blue and the white areas. The green, red, and yellow talents and personality traits do not factor. Disclaimer: the “missing” areas don’t mean that the person entirely lacks these capabilities; he/she can also work on developing the missing traits to complete all areas. It will take conscious effort to balance every personality.

Now let’s ask the colors. Is this person creative and a “starter”? Yep. Does he come out “reborn” after sinking the Trump Mahal? Definitely. Is he a visionary? In business, all right, to his own pocket’s advantage. Is he clear in speech? Might seem so, but too simple. Is he good in business? Duh. Is he a good builder? Right, he does real estate for a living.

Other questions: Is he a good boss? Well, yeah, if you suck up to his vanity or like to be fired, because the corporation (so human???) is always right. Does he like sharing? Are you kidding me, he wouldn’t have come this far if he did. What about love and passion? Move that over to the “white” business side (for money, yes). But he takes care of kids and exes from his empire by making them CEOs in his enterprises.

And here comes the “middle.” It’s not there. This person might create constant fuzz and buzz and wealth just to make sure he confirms through bank accounts and the mirror effects and adulation through indentured servants, and the media he buys—that he EXISTS. He is NEEDY for attention and extremely smart. A dangerous combination.

Now go, Donald, develop your better sides. You have a lot of work to do. Stay cool, stay in business. Stay out of government.

  1. Someone is playing the (sorcerer’s) Apprentice game. He wants to win at all cost.
  2. He knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.
  3. He manipulates the “judges” (voters) at all cost. But this is not a game.
  4. He brings out the worst in all of us.

Donald, you are so fired in my book! Stop selling the constitution back to people who wrote it in the first place.

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Here an additional color chart on the Tyrolean numbers.


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