Makin’ Art, Priyanka’s label, is catching on. My multi-talented daughter has produced artworks since early childhood. She has always had a creative knack and amazing patience for precision. That suited her well for her Computer and Electrical Engineering degree at UC Boulder. Now she tinkers with coding and microcontrollers, making new circuits for  Sparkfun, an open source electronic components company, also in Boulder.

Art keeps growing on Priyanka and has taken on a technical form: she designs and builds electronic gadgets for art installations, such as Trey Duvall’s mobile constructs and Jaime Carrejo’s “Waiting” exhibit at the Denver Contemporary Art Museum.

All right, let this proud mom brag for a minute or two. Tenacity is one of my daughter’s trademarks. She does art in spite of a full engineering load and turns out a lot of good stuff. Who would have thought that in the digital age she would learn black and white print processing on her own initiative? (Didn’t ask me. You must know that her mom has a degree in photography.) She also paints beautifully in watercolor. Lately, Priyanka has developed the Shrinky-dinks  into whimsical earrings and charms. And since she knows what makes a clock tick, other artist keep calling her about musical cuckoo doors, blinking neurons, or floating plants. That is the technical part of her art. How lucky she is to be an engineer.

Now here comes the joint project: Last Christmas Priyanka surprised me with the illustrations for my Random Accident story. That scenario, about 20 years in the making, is somewhat between Brave New World and Shrek. Her images are right on: a fantastical, hopeful, post-apocalyptical environment, in which salvation is steered by a little girl. Whimsical, humorous, and yet right down to earth in their floral splendor. What a multi-talented daughter!

You can find out more about Priyanka’s activities and projects at

Random Accident is available at AMAZON.

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6 Responses to Look Who’s Makin’ Art: Works by Priyanka

  1. Kate and Jack Earley says:

    You are very justified in bragging on Priyanka…what a talented young woman!!

  2. Beth Dotson Brown says:

    I love seeing what you all are doing!

  3. Joseph Jaworski says:


    Many good reasons to be proud and loud. Congrats to both of you and best wishes for many more creative expressions.


  4. Marlene says:

    Beautiful work!

  5. Joan Brunner says:

    Hi AnnElise, Your daughter takes after her mother. Very creative!!!

  6. Rita Ruks says:

    Wow! How Priyanka has bloomed! So much talent, and so smart ( I know how much work a science degree requires). The sky is the limit for her.

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