Dell1Wow! Pretty good guessing, and what imagination you have! But nobody got it quite right. Here is what you said:

  • I can’t figure it out! I must know . . . What is it?? 🙂 — Julie
  • Easy, you found your daughter’s nickname, short in the central pattern inside the circle. (You can send me one of your photos instead.) Happy Mother’s Day — Cecilia
  • P.S.: Shaffiq thinks you saw the word ‘pray’. As a way to get closer to God. He also prefers one of your photo art.
  • No idea. Here I am in the 18th century last weekend. — Russ
  • The bark of a tree with somebody’s old initials carved in it? That’s what jumped to mind. Love your blog. — Kate
  • Dell2We have no idea, though it looks like a moon-surface. Could also be old asphalt. Anyway, we will wait for your denouement. What’s the writing? – Herzlich, S+N
  • Ne, keine Ahnung, help me out — Roswitha
  • STELLAR ANSWER (but late): I would like to think that you captured a message from some interstellar spaceship, but I suspect the image is more mundane than that.  Perhaps it is just a reflection on a street or sidewalk of some object from a car or house.  It is very regular-shaped and almost looks like it has writing on it.  — Rita

So I will help you all out. Here is the answer! The unknown pattern was from a heavenly “cyber” reflection on a Sedona sandstone table. Congratulations, Cecilia & Kate! Watch out for your prizes in the mail. You too, Rita!


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