TreeScare2When you thought, no stranger things than a “bra” can happen, look at this. Well, I had to protect my miracle tree this year. We have tons of grackles that can empty a whole fig tree in a day. So how could I keep my sweet apricot secret and the fruits for myself?

TreeScare4Don’t take me wrong, I would share the treasures of nature. Here, birdie, have an apricot. We have some “love birds”, itinerant green parrots from central America, that would make for such a nice addition to our backyard zoo. We have squirrels, lizards, stray cats, geckos, quail, pigeons, humming birds–and too many grackles. But our birds are either stupid or greedy. Or bad mannered. Do you think, they would the eat whole thing up? No, they peck a little bite out of each sweet apricot. Just enough to make each fruit unfit for human consumption. Give me apricot bird defense!

Don’t you dare eat my apricots, birds! I came up with a whole arsenal of bird defense. What best to do than conceal the prey? With plastic shopping bags I wrapped the heavy laden branches. Yet more area was to cover. With a 7-yard-long turban I barred the landing spots on the lower ranges. The bird net was harder to install. It got caught at every little nook and cranny. What about up there? OK, these CDs on fish line glisten and reflect. Hopefully the birds hated dancing discos? Finally, a plastic owl, the “super tank” in my armamentarium for the bird defense, took its post on the fence pillar .

I didn’t quite trust my installation. Wait a minute! What about scare crows? An easy fix. I grabbed some themed t-shirts (faces printed on them) from my daughter’s closet. I attached paper plate faces from a school project with cloths pins on the hangers. And then I hung my scare creatures in the most suitable locations.

Voilá! Now don’t dare to come, birds! Or I will sick the stray cat on you.



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