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Happy Butternut & Leftover Thanksgiving!!!

A Most Wonderful and Healthy “Orange” Celebration! Orange is a really good color. At first I didn’t like it because it seemed too shiny and “unreal,” almost artificial. Of course, then the Longhorns’ burnt orange of my UT Austin, Texas, … Continue reading

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Acorn Squash, a Treasure of Nature

Among all pumpkin-like vegetables, the acorn squash tops my list of favorites. I tasted it the first time during a Thanksgiving celebration in my first year as an exchange student. It was love at first bite. Acorn squash is the … Continue reading

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A Squashing Gourd Time with Butternut

If plucking a chicken hasn’t made you feel like a pioneer (woman), this butternut squash chili recipe certainly will. Simple ingredients, but not “fast and easy.” Don’t try this when in a hurry. Be prepared for a two-day process. Last … Continue reading

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