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2017 Summer Pictures: Lakes in Bavaria, Castles in Switzerland, Fearsome Knights and More

My favorite 2017 Summer Pictures

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Canada Trip Made Us Real “Persons”

“If nothing else, there is always a Jim Horton’s in Canada,” a friend of mine joked. True, we saw one on every corner. But there was so much else. And my expectations of bakeries and sceneries were not disappointed. Our … Continue reading

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Arizona Winter Wonderland

It seems strange, but Arizona is a winter paradise. Not only for snowbirds from Wisconsin and North Dakota who flock here to the Valley of the Sun, but also for people who really like snow. We have it good in … Continue reading

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Global Warnings: Bavarian Tornadoes

So there is no global warming? Huh? Phoenix broke its all time record high this August. The airport thermometer registered 117 F (47 C). Even our conservative, local TV station believes it now. Global warming is here to stay. But … Continue reading

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Helmut Buchner, Sculptor of Friendship

I pulled into Buchners’ home-grown patch of Texas ranch turf. Through the ranch gates, I rumbled along the bumpy grooves of a pioneer wagon road into an island of wilderness. Prickly pears, mesquite, live oak, cholla cactus, cedar trees, and … Continue reading

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