• All grocery stores must recycle their store-brand plastic water bottles.

OR ELSE: We won’t buy them, drink tap water, refill our own.

  • All grocery stores must collaborate with beverage manufacturers to create a deposit/recycle system for any which plastic bottles.

OR ELSE: We only buy drinks in glass bottles or cans.

  • All beverage vendors must institute refillable(plastic) bottles/jugs.

OR ELSE: We only buy glass, cans, or cartons, especially milk.

  • Door Dash Company must establish a beverage delivery service that also returns our empties.


  • All detergent companies must stop liquid detergents, as the plastic canisters generate unnecessary plastic waste.

OR ELSE: BOYCOTT liquid detergents!!!

  • All soap/shampoo/body wash and other hygiene articles producers must provide “infusion bag” style dispensers with reusable nozzle to reduce plastic waste.

OR ELSE: We only use bar soap and make our own beauty supplies.

  • All condiments such as mayo, mustard, ketchup, salad dressings, etc. must be available in glass bottles or squeeze tubes or infusion bags.

OR ELSE: We mix those up ourselves.

  • All plastic container/bag/bottle manufacturers must find next-to-zero waste packaging solutions, materials that can be disposed of with minimum damage to the environment.

OR ELSE: See all the above.

  • All food/beverage/restaurant franchises must use paper straws, paper cups, paper containers or other biodegradable packaging/serving ware.

OR ELSE: We don’t buy and cook our own dinner for a change.

  • All organizations/schools/communities putting on events must prohibit plastic bottles, plastic dinnerware, and plastic cups. Use water cooler, paper cups, wood utensils, porcelain, or edible containers.

OR ELSE: Organizer(s) must personally separate out the plastic refuse and either reuse or take the plastic to the recycling station.

  • All consumers (WE) must responsibly and conscientiously participate in plastic recycling, which means taking OUR empties back to the store or recycling station. (REMEMBER THE ALAMO . . . , I mean, PLASTIC BAGS?)

OR ELSE: We don’t deserve what was in the plastic bottle in the first place.

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