DSCF0319It was one of those days when I had no desire whatsoever to slave behind the stove. Don’t misunderstand me wrong, I like to cook and be creative. But I was running out of time and energy (whisper, whisper, yes, cooking can also be a chore). So I winged the dinner and put the roast and side dishes to cook in one go.


  • lean marinated pork loin
  • heat-hardy vegetables (onions, carrots, bell peppers etc.)
  • one potato for each guest


  • Set the oven to broil temperature
  • Wash & chop the vegetables, put them in a disposable oiled pan together with the marinated roast. (Or season the roast with salt, pepper, & other spices yourself.)
  • Wash & wrap the potatoes in aluminum foil.
  • Put all the ingredients in the oven, broil the roast 10 min top and bottom, then reduce temperature to 380 F to cook for another 60 minutes.
  • Add ca. 1 cup of liquid after broiling and during roasting in small batches (broth, water, beer etc.) and baste the roast with a brush occasionally.
  • 10 min before serving, thicken the sauce with 1 Tbsp. cornstarch (mix starch with a little water) and add more seasonings to taste (cream, soy sauce, chili paste etc.), let the sauce cook and reabsorb the flavor.

PREP TIME: 10 min; COOKING TIME: 75 min

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