The heat is on in Mesa. It’s the new construction fever. Whole subdivisions are sprouting up over night. The most awful, megalomaniac, commercial buildings just shot up two blocks down by Falcon Field. Not that they have been sold yet, it’s just so that the investments may be attracted.

Californians are coming to Arizona in droves. Can’t blame them. Arizona is still a little cheaper and has not totally burnt down yet. Let’s just see how long the water is going to last. The Tempe Town Lake—now with flashy glass-and-steel towers and beehive-like apartment complexes—is not real water, it’s just for show. But since we got more business, we need more roads to support the growth. Thank God, we have a lot of rock in Arizona. We are blessed with it, unless this rock is being mined right next to your house.

Do you get the picture? Unfortunately, the Mesa monster holes, as large as meteorite craters, look a little flat from Google Earth. And you can’t see them when driving by, as they are hugely bermed up. You could bury a whole town in some of them. Here are some of these holes along the 202:

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