Meet an authentic singing farmer: Ervin Pickhinke from Sioux City, Iowa. I stumbled upon one of his performances at Bob Everhart’s festival, but, too slow, buffalo, I had missed my shot. That’s why Ervin repeated his John Deere ‘wheelings’ especially for me, because by then he had also run out of CDs. This song was truly funny, it had taken me by surprise. I was delighted.

DSCF5492Ervin Pickhinke and his daughter Sara Sennert have country music in the blood. “Living Country” is the title of their heart-warming joint album. Ervin retired from farming after working his property for 41 years. His young neighbor bought the farm and proudly continues the tradition. Ervin’s business card says, “A Farmer’s Trade Is One of Worth.” Ervin is of German roots, and there are still Pickhinkes living in Germany, as Sara found out. Apparently, Ervin’s grandfather set sail for America and didn’t tell his parents, where he was going. They later found out the truth from a cousin.

Below you can see a John Deere at work, plus a classic Hanomag.

JDeere Hanomag
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