A Celtic village was unearthed in Ascholding (near Munich) as a result of a construction project. The remains/artifacts were dated ca. 300 BC. Soon the site will be buried under concrete and asphalt for a new Edeka grocery supermarket.

This is just a small example of what they call “Flächenfraß” (=urban sprawl; literally, gobbling up green lands) in Germany. The “development” (add an industrial complex of 12 buildings, a super-hypermarket, a fire station, a kindergarten, plus at least 6 private home constructions) happened within only 3 years. Insanity! This village of 1000 people has doubled its weight and jumped into the Munich Metroplex over night.

Here is what the archaeologists found:

2300-Jahre-alte Scherben

All that is left of the old days?

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