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Kaltenberg-An Entertaining Trip to the Middle Ages

We did it again. We do Kaltenberg on every German trip. Look, here is the Grand Entry. The Kaltenberg Medieval Jousting Show and Marketplace is hosted at Kaltenberg Castle, the residence of the Duke of Bavaria.

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2017 Summer Pictures: Lakes in Bavaria, Castles in Switzerland, Fearsome Knights and More

My favorite 2017 Summer Pictures

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What Does Not Kill Me Gives Me Strong Memories: Food Poisoning

A story about food poisoning seems tacky.  I kept this draft on file for two years. After much indigestion with our elections, this seems to be the perfect timing. What a dreadful topic! Did you ever have food poisoning? Probably, … Continue reading

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Canada Trip Made Us Real “Persons”

“If nothing else, there is always a Jim Horton’s in Canada,” a friend of mine joked. True, we saw one on every corner. But there was so much else. And my expectations of bakeries and sceneries were not disappointed. Our … Continue reading

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Blind Spot and Happiness

What is art? It is definitely a skill. And? Art is also the way we look at things. How we perceive an object or image is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes, however, art is in the blind spot. … Continue reading

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