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Standing Rock: Clean Water for All of Us

“Water Is Life” No debate about that. Thousands of people from all over the world gathered last fall 2016 at Standing Rock Reservation for a camp out. The Dakota tribe protested the pipeline because the DAPL violated tribal autonomy, desecrated … Continue reading

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Taj Mahal in Acid Rain

The Taj Mahal was a highly involved school project from the last year. Susmita got totally into it with the sugar cube building method. She built a fairly large (2×2 ft) replica of the most famous romantic mausoleum on the … Continue reading

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Full-Blown Apricot Bird Defense

When you thought, no stranger things than a “bra” can happen, look at this. Well, I had to protect my miracle tree this year. We have tons of grackles that can empty a whole fig tree in a day. So … Continue reading

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Global Warnings: Bavarian Tornadoes

So there is no global warming? Huh? Phoenix broke its all time record high this August. The airport thermometer registered 117 F (47 C). Even our conservative, local TV station believes it now. Global warming is here to stay. But … Continue reading

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70 Million Orders of Shark Fin Soup

Lately I have been fascinated with sharks. Who wouldn’t be? I remember recently playing “shark” with a four-year-old boy, clapping my hands flat together as if jaws were gaping widely open to take a huge bite out of each other. … Continue reading

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