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Bohemian Strawberry Torte

Strawberries are available all the time. The season stretches from Chile to Vancouver and covers the whole year. They have become a staple at the store. This season, traditionally May through July, has no end. To tell you the truth, … Continue reading

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Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

You never know what side benefits you will have from volunteer work. As long as I have been involved with the Phoenix adult literacy program Unlimited Potential, I have enjoyed the fiestas for their Thanksgiving or End-of-Year celebrations. You know … Continue reading

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Holy Mole, Guacamole!

Green mush is delightful. The longer we are living in the Southwest, the more we adopt the food styles of this spicy region. Although not all flavors of Southwestern cooking are intuitively delicious–for example the pungent aromas of corn tortillas … Continue reading

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Spicy Turkey Cutlets for Any Occasion

In Germany we have many names for “meat balls”. You can order the same savory cutlets in different places as Buletten, Frikadellen, or Fleischpflanzerl. The spice may vary, but these delectable treats are all cooked in a similar way. Here … Continue reading

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The Full Green Enchilada

If you want to make enchiladas, you need to have a sauce. Don’t cook this green enchilada casserole when you are in a rush. Make the sauce ahead of time. This recipe is enough to feed eight people. But you … Continue reading

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