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What Does Not Kill Me Gives Me Strong Memories: Food Poisoning

A story about food poisoning seems tacky.  I kept this draft on file for two years. After much indigestion with our elections, this seems to be the perfect timing. What a dreadful topic! Did you ever have food poisoning? Probably, … Continue reading

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Holy Mole, Guacamole!

Green mush is delightful. The longer we are living in the Southwest, the more we adopt the food styles of this spicy region. Although not all flavors of Southwestern cooking are intuitively delicious–for example the pungent aromas of corn tortillas … Continue reading

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Chicken-Rice Skillet

Here is another one from my “Don’t Sweat the Cooking” series. Let’s call this chicken-rice skillet my “small paella.” Far from cooking up mollusks, snails and rabbit thighs in clam juice with expensive saffron, I found my own home-cooked recipe. … Continue reading

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Happy Butternut & Leftover Thanksgiving!!!

A Most Wonderful and Healthy “Orange” Celebration! Orange is a really good color. At first I didn’t like it because it seemed too shiny and “unreal,” almost artificial. Of course, then the Longhorns’ burnt orange of my UT Austin, Texas, … Continue reading

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THE SALAD: It’s Out of the Box!

Don’t Eat Shark Soup, Eat Salad I am a really slow learner at times. It’s like, “yeah, the ketchup is standing on its head. Why didn’t they think of this sooner?” Now here comes another great revelation: I am making … Continue reading

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