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What Does Not Kill Me Gives Me Strong Memories: Food Poisoning

A story about food poisoning seems tacky.  I kept this draft on file for two years. After much indigestion with our elections, this seems to be the perfect timing. What a dreadful topic! Did you ever have food poisoning? Probably, … Continue reading

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Taj Mahal in Acid Rain

The Taj Mahal was a highly involved school project from the last year. Susmita got totally into it with the sugar cube building method. She built a fairly large (2×2 ft) replica of the most famous romantic mausoleum on the … Continue reading

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Aloo Gobi: The All-Indian Comfort Food

Aloo gobi, cauliflower with potatoes, is one of the most popular Indian dishes. Yet there are a gazillion variations of it. You can’t go wrong with aloo gobi. Just about everyone likes it. Even moviemaker Gurinder Chadha (Bend It Like … Continue reading

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Guess the Snap: What (the heck) is this?

Can you guess the snap? I came across this picture amidst long forgotten snapshots. What the heck was I thinking or seeing? I strained my brain but without success. Later I scrolled down farther in my picture index and found … Continue reading

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Assam Nariyal Dal, Cauldron of Magic

Do I ever stick to a recipe? Hardly. But the Assam Nariyal Dal from the Dhaba Cooking School, is so awesome that I would not change a thing. These lentils are a sheer delight of aromas for body and soul. … Continue reading

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