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Full-Blown Apricot Bird Defense

When you thought, no stranger things than a “bra” can happen, look at this. Well, I had to protect my miracle tree this year. We have tons of grackles that can empty a whole fig tree in a day. So … Continue reading

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Francisco’s Unusual Horticultural Advice

One fine spring morning, the doorbell rang unexpectedly. A little aggravated I jumped up from my computer and suspiciously pulled the door open. Could have only been special delivery or preacher guys this time of day. Francisco stood there smack … Continue reading

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It’s Hard to Grow Grass in Arizona

Grass (no double meaning) does not come easy in the Southwest. It is hard to grow grass in Arizona. I don’t know how the golf courses do it. They are grooming the most perfect carpet grass. Only during a short … Continue reading

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Bermuda Grass from Hell: Holy Glyphosate, I Won?

Things can change, right? After about ten years of trying all the wrong things, I might have won a decisive battle against Bermuda grass. This is what my backyard corner looks like now: DO YOU SEE THE GRASS IN THE … Continue reading

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