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Petroglyphs: Ancient Graffiti of the Grand Southwest

NOTE: No disrespect intended towards cultures ancient or new, but rock art makes my imagination fly. When you hike out here in the scenic Sonoran Desert and farther beyond towards New Mexico, you may stumble upon traces of ancient art. … Continue reading

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Guess the Snap: What (the heck) is this?

Can you guess the snap? I came across this picture amidst long forgotten snapshots. What the heck was I thinking or seeing? I strained my brain but without success. Later I scrolled down farther in my picture index and found … Continue reading

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Walking through the Rose Garden

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Helmut Buchner, Sculptor of Friendship

I pulled into Buchners’ home-grown patch of Texas ranch turf. Through the ranch gates, I rumbled along the bumpy grooves of a pioneer wagon road into an island of wilderness. Prickly pears, mesquite, live oak, cholla cactus, cedar trees, and … Continue reading

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