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Amerikanische Kultur genau betrachtet

Happy New Year! Or maybe happy Oscars!

Counting down the Pine Cone in Flagstaff Music by Waco Brothers, live at Monty Hall, Harm’s Way. Yes, I am submitting my docu-shorts as a new category to the movie academy in Hollywood. If I don’t win, then Molly would … Continue reading

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Renatle’s Mosaic of Life on Amazon!

“Renatle, Mosaic of Life” is now out on Amazon. The cover looks sassy and the story is full of suspense. I am so excited! Renatle’s mosaic of life adventures came beautifully together in her memoir. It is out on Amazon … Continue reading

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Canada Trip Made Us Real “Persons”

“If nothing else, there is always a Jim Horton’s in Canada,” a friend of mine joked. True, we saw one on every corner. But there was so much else. And my expectations of bakeries and sceneries were not disappointed. Our … Continue reading

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Texas Kaktuswein Is Pressed from Ranch Life

Congratulations, Edda, now it’s out! Texas Kaktuswein, a collection of Texas ranch stories was released on Amazon this April. Kaktuswein provides an enjoyable glimpse into the Buchners’ first-hand-living experience. Much of their Bat Cave Ranch experience follows the German pioneer … Continue reading

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Truth by the Tyrolean Numbers

Let’s not deal with politics but character—A case study Horoscopes and psychic methods are fun toys. I like to read my daily or weekly predictions, calculate my “daily number,” or watch out for the typical omens, such as a black … Continue reading

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