Reality, Insanity, and Recipes

My blog is about reality and insanity, and why we get confused between the two so many times. In the end, humanitarian survival boils simply down to “Apostle” John’s saying: “All you need is love.”

You’re not crazy for “believing” in global warming. It would be insane to ignore it when you see in front of your own eyes. Global warming is a reality. Now let’s deal with it. That’s an example I might write about.

I might also write about gun issues in America. Guns are perfectly real, but our justifications for them are quite insane. We have moved on from front-loaders to precision exterminators. Keeping those out of only the hands of “crazy” people won’t do.

Because how do we know who is crazy?

Here comes the Catch 22 movie from 1970. Go see it! Captain John Yossarian wants to bail out of an air mission by pleading insanity. But there’s a catch:

- A catch?

- Sure, Catch–  . Anyone who wants to get out of combat isn’t really crazy, so I can’t ground him.

- Let me see if I got this straight. In order to be grounded, I’ve got to be crazy. And I must be crazy to keep flying. But if I ask to be grounded, that means I’m not crazy any more—and I have to keep flying.

- You’ve got it! That’s the Catch.

So who is crazy now? Anybody can snap a trigger at some point. Good guns can do bad damage in large numbers. Wouldn’t it be worth to reinterpret our “rights” to spare some lives?

You can’t wish or think or write or explain problems away. Or ignore the logic of a choice, or the consequences of a law, or the effect of a contract. That would be insane!

Examples of reality and insanity within our society or behaviors fly by each nanosecond on our computers. Buzzwords are ablaze and drive the media. What’s the “new normal?” In the old days we called it “tolerance,” or “reason,” or the “middle.” At least some of us believe that the strangest behaviors can still be modified.

Some of my topics will cover real examples of

  • reducing the ecological footprint
  • accidents, providence and synchronicity
  • good deeds, bad thoughts and character development
  • healthy and practical advice that is neither solicited nor guaranteed
  • progressive conservatism, liberal nostalgia, and other contradictions
  • paying it forward the original Native American way
  • fun stuff that needs mentioning
  • food for thought or eating
  • and all kinds of insane things.

Finally, why recipes? Food is a reality. Do we eat because we must, or because we enjoy? Food and cooking is a great gauge for our life spirit and awareness. You are what you eat. And what you eat comes from the environment. Your nutrition shows your faith, self-care and stewardship of family and earth. You can also express your insanity with it.

In sum: One person’s insanity may be another’s reality. Topics may vary. But as long as we can peacefully coexist and learn from each other, we’ll have plenty of food to share.