Spring Time in Arizona–Wildflowers

It’s the best of time in Arizona! Temperatures are languid and mild, bunnies and squirrels frolic on the lush greens of a recent rain, and the colors pop out of the fragrant earth: wildflowers–it’s spring time. I took pictures on my recent hike to Wind Cave. Which of these flowers do you know?
(Ssh! There is a cheat sheet here at Southwest Desert Flora BUT: test your memory before you peek)

FL_OrangeBlossomFL_Rispy FL_WhiteStar FL_Purplish FL_OrangeBlossom FL_MiniDaisy FL_Mexican FL_Larkspur FL_FireStem FL_FairyDust FL_CreosoteFL_Bluebonnet


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Plastic Bottle Manifesto



  • All grocery stores must recycle their store-brand plastic water bottles.

OR ELSE: We won’t buy them, drink tap water, refill our own.

  • All grocery stores must collaborate with beverage manufacturers to create a deposit/recycle system for any which plastic bottles.

OR ELSE: We only buy drinks in glass bottles or cans.

  • All beverage vendors must institute refillable(plastic) bottles/jugs.

OR ELSE: We only buy glass, cans, or cartons, especially milk.

  • Door Dash Company must establish a beverage delivery service that also returns our empties.


  • All detergent companies must stop liquid detergents, as the plastic canisters generate unnecessary plastic waste.

OR ELSE: BOYCOTT liquid detergents!!!

  • All soap/shampoo/body wash and other hygiene articles producers must provide “infusion bag” style dispensers with reusable nozzle to reduce plastic waste.

OR ELSE: We only use bar soap and make our own beauty supplies.

  • All condiments such as mayo, mustard, ketchup, salad dressings, etc. must be available in glass bottles or squeeze tubes or infusion bags.

OR ELSE: We mix those up ourselves.

  • All plastic container/bag/bottle manufacturers must find next-to-zero waste packaging solutions, materials that can be disposed of with minimum damage to the environment.

OR ELSE: See all the above.

  • All food/beverage/restaurant franchises must use paper straws, paper cups, paper containers or other biodegradable packaging/serving ware.

OR ELSE: We don’t buy and cook our own dinner for a change.

  • All organizations/schools/communities putting on events must prohibit plastic bottles, plastic dinnerware, and plastic cups. Use water cooler, paper cups, wood utensils, porcelain, or edible containers.

OR ELSE: Organizer(s) must personally separate out the plastic refuse and either reuse or take the plastic to the recycling station.

  • All consumers (WE) must responsibly and conscientiously participate in plastic recycling, which means taking OUR empties back to the store or recycling station. (REMEMBER THE ALAMO . . . , I mean, PLASTIC BAGS?)

OR ELSE: We don’t deserve what was in the plastic bottle in the first place.

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Concrete over Celtic Site

A Celtic village was unearthed in Ascholding (near Munich) as a result of a construction project. The remains/artifacts were dated ca. 300 BC. Soon the site will be buried under concrete and asphalt for a new Edeka grocery supermarket.

This is just a small example of what they call “Flächenfraß” (=urban sprawl; literally, gobbling up green lands) in Germany. The “development” (add an industrial complex of 12 buildings, a super-hypermarket, a fire station, a kindergarten, plus at least 6 private home constructions) happened within only 3 years. Insanity! This village of 1000 people has doubled its weight and jumped into the Munich Metroplex over night.

Here is what the archaeologists found:

2300-Jahre-alte Scherben

All that is left of the old days?


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Monster holes create a Mesa moonscape

The heat is on in Mesa. It’s the new construction fever. Whole subdivisions are sprouting up over night. The most awful, megalomaniac, commercial buildings just shot up two blocks down by Falcon Field. Not that they have been sold yet, it’s just so that the investments may be attracted.

Californians are coming to Arizona in droves. Can’t blame them. Arizona is still a little cheaper and has not totally burnt down yet. Let’s just see how long the water is going to last. The Tempe Town Lake—now with flashy glass-and-steel towers and beehive-like apartment complexes—is not real water, it’s just for show. But since we got more business, we need more roads to support the growth. Thank God, we have a lot of rock in Arizona. We are blessed with it, unless this rock is being mined right next to your house.

Do you get the picture? Unfortunately, the Mesa monster holes, as large as meteorite craters, look a little flat from Google Earth. And you can’t see them when driving by, as they are hugely bermed up. You could bury a whole town in some of them. Here are some of these holes along the 202:

Mesa hole by Alma School Mesa hole by Higley Mesa hole by Lehi Mesa hole by Power Road Mesa hole on Salt River Another hole on the Salt River Mesa hole by Val Vista

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EINSPRUCH: Noch einmal 80 Parkplätze (oder 120?) sind zu viel fürs Dorf!

EINLADUNG: Gemeinderatssitzung am 25. September 2018 in Dietramszell zum Thema Ascholdinger Bauprojekte.

My idyllic hometown, Ascholding, received a hodge podge of oversized industrial buildings over night. Some structures are large enough to park the whole church inside. Was this necessary? Where will this insanity end?

Im Jahr 2018 hat das idyllische Bachzeilendorf Ascholding ein Gewerbegebiet erhalten. Hier (anklicken) ein Überflug mit den Dohlen vom Kirchturm: Zuerst das wunderbare Alpenpanorama, dann das industrielle Schachtelwerk.

Da haben wir den Salat. Die zwei größten “Flugzeughallen”, überdimensionale Fremdkörper, verhindern nach allen Richtungen den Ausblick. Diese Mammutbauten gehören auswärtigen Großunternehmern, die ihre Gewinne wieder in Immobilien investieren mussten, damit die Steuerbehörde nichts davon kriegt. Dann darf die Gemeinde wohl die nächsten 10 Jahre auf ihr Geld warten, bis diese Abschreibungen vorbei sind. Hoffen wir darauf, dass die neuen Firmen den Ortsansässigen viele gute Arbeitsplätze anbieten? Die landwirtschaftlichen Felder sind für immer zerstört, die Sozialstruktur verstädtert.

So war es früher einmal: auf dem Feld links unten steht jetzt das Gewerbegebiet.


PHASE II: Geht es jetzt so weiter? Mehr als 80 Parkplätze für den Edeka Markt (insgesamt ca. 120 Stellflächen mit Kindergarten eingerechnet) sollen noch kommen. Aber brauchen doch mehr Grünflächen und weniger Abgase, um das Global Warming zu reduzieren? ABER: Die nächste Bauphase (II).


Wie viele Parkplätze braucht ein Lebensmittelladen in einem 1000-Seelen-Dorf?

So viele wie der Holzwirt (40 geteerte, 30 auf Kies)?


So viele wie der Netto in Egling? Genau 68, aber Egling ist größer.


Oder braucht man so viele wie das Kaufland in Geretsried (120, wenn ich mich nicht verzählt habe)? Welcher Parkplatz ist jetzt da am schönsten?



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