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Feature Writing: Transforming Yourself Into a Medium

In many ways, feature writing is like photography. The process starts with intense observation, visual as well as auditory, in fact all-sensory. So I take a mental picture of the object, person, or situation. Sometimes I become the fly on the wall to calibrate my observation. After the immersion, I step back into the distance and let information and impressions sort themselves out. Some facts will float to the top, others deposit at the bottom. And finally, I reach into my toolbox. The truth as I know it comes across through the who, what, when, where, and how by finding the most effective verbage and expression. I aim to present a substantive experience. I can also chisel your business objective optimally to suit your market.


THANK YOU. I just read two of your articles in the Mesa Upland paper at a friend's house. You are a good writer.
Dr. Joyce Cook, Principal, Red Mountain Ranch Elementary

Once again I must thank you for the wonderful job you did with your article. Many parents told us that they could actually see the activities as you described in the article. Thank you for all you do to help us succeed.
Anjum Majeed, Principal, Self-Development Charter School

AnnElise, I really love the article! Thank you for such wonderful words. I truly am blessed to have this opportunity!!Michelle asked me if I could get some extra copies for them to keep at Sunshine Acres. Do you have a way to get extras or how can I find a good sized stack of them for Sunshine Acres? Please let me know, I thank you!
Renate Allen, Owner, www.myblanco.net

AnnElise - what a beautiful article you wrote! You are an incredibly gifted story-teller. Thank you for helping to spread the word about Blanco and about Sunshine Acres! Fondly,
Susie Lindahl, Area Manager, Arbonne International

Your story hit all the high points of my life.
Inge McKeever, Director, ¡HOLA! Language Learning Center

The RMR Up Close article on RMR Tennis Tournament for breast cancer was excellent. Your article conveyed the heart that it takes to combat this disease and the strength to survive and thrive as these ladies have in their battles to beat breast cancer. Each of these ladies in their own time showed that strength on the tennis court, too. Appreciate all you have done to bring awareness to our upcoming tennis cancer benefit.
Sherry Mooch, Chair, Hit for the Cure, Red Mountain Ranch Breast Cancer Benefit for the ACS

Anyway, the stories look great. I read them to Brittany and she was very happy.
David Cruz, Developmental Soccer Coach, MSC United (Mesa Soccer Club)

Hi AnnElise, Thank you for the terrific article about the Swing Kids. We truly appreciated you work and please take care and God Bless!
Bill Clinton, Manager, Arizona Swing Kids

Thank you so much. I am about to start another group of students at Las Sendas, and a great deal of them are there because of your article in the paper. Thank you so much for taking the time and interest in myself and Infant Swimming Resource and its drowning prevention program. I truly do appreciate both.
Becky Harris, Instructor, Infant Swimming Resource

Wow, what a great article. You are a terrific writer and have really put the Academy in a favorable light. For that - I thank you. I would love to meet you the next time you are at school. Please stop in and say hi. Again thanks for your tremendous support. Go Knights!
Bob Crispin, Principal, Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies

Dear AnnElise, Your story really touched our hearts! You completely captured what we are about in one single interview. Even my husband had teary eyes when I read it to him. Thank you so much!
"Sorella Magiore" (Big Sister), Brenda, Sorella's Finishing School

ELLE HUTCHINGS, Red Mountain Ranch Dance Studio

We just received our copy of the paper today and LOVED the article. Thank you for writing such a glowing and entertaining piece! How do I get extra copies to send to family/friends back home in Texas? Many thanks,

Hi AnnElise, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful article. I really like the way it was arranged, with the photos and everything. I was really surprised that it was on the front cover. That was very nice to see. I've also gotten a lot of compliments from my neighbors, as well as people at work that I showed the article too. Thanks again for doing such a nice job.
Tony Trimboli, Organizer, Team Diabetes

I just wanted to thank you for the great article about the Biggest Loser auditions here at the center. What great photos too! Would you be able to send me 2 additional copies? I would love to send them to the company:) Thanks again!!
Kristina Merten, Assistant Marketing Manager, Westcor, Superstition Springs Shopping Center

Thank you so much for the wonderful article you wrote for the preschool. We have had numerous phone calls and visits. Thanks to you the fall enrollment looks very good. We appreciate all that you do for the community and for us as well. Best wishes.
Anjum Majeed, Principal, Self-Development Charter School

Thank you for the nice write up in the paper! We are really excited to the response we are already getting.
Charity & Bob Little

I have been writing feature articles since high school. My writings have been published in various European and US media. In the process, I have learned about many subjects I could not imagine existed.

Feature Stories Published

Stories of all shapes and shades, as multi-varied as life itself, have been published in Up Close Publications, Amerika Woche, New Braunfels Herald Zeitung, Münchner Merkur, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Monika,Frau im Leben, Catholic Spirit, Catholic Telegram, Our Sunday Visitor, Hephaistos,Deutsches Waffenjournal, dlz, Oldtimer, La Liberte, and others.

College Textbook Publishing

As Project Editor for Harcourt Brace, I managed 8 to 10 titles of foreign-language and social science books at various stages of production at one time. It takes many specialists such as authors, developers, designers, and editors to bring a book together until it sees a printer. Eventually, I have been juggling many freelance book projects on my own.


My specialites have been social sciences, liberal arts, pharmacy (5 years with Annals of Pharmacotheraphy), and foreign languages (German, Spanish).

These are some of the books I have worked on:

Pharmaceutical Publishing

Harvey Whitney Books gave me the opportunity to work on high-caliber pharmaceutical articles. Aside from scientific publishing conventions, I also learned more than I wanted to know about adverse drug reactions and interactions. My favorite bits were case studies and scientific abstracts. I stayed with the Annals of Pharmacotherapy for five years until we relocated to Arizona.

Newsletters, Brochures, and Flyers

Unlimited Potential newsletter

Unlimited Potential is a grassroots adult literacy & community program for the working poor in central Phoenix. It seeks to empower individuals, strengthen families, and increase community involvement. It teaches among other things "survival English," parenting skills, money management, health & nutrition basics. Unlimited Potential also provides GED classes in English and Spanish to get participants access to the community colleges.

Unlimited Potential newsletterOne worthwhile project was the The Global Village, A Publication by Members of the UCIP and the International Network of Young Journalists, for the world convention. This magazine showcased the best writings from young journalists worldwide. Over the years, I have designed lots of flyers and tri-folds for all occasions. Ask me about designs and ideas.

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