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Photography is more than one moment in time. When a "decisive" moment becomes a "decided" moment, we just might have captured a unique image. Good photographs do not just sit around for grabs. Photographers recognize these little gifts of God when they float by. And add their art to them.

Documentary Photography

I was trained at the University of Texas in the art of documentary photography. Ever since I have been trying to catch significant moments in time. In the old days, we used to brag, "I love the smell of Dektol in the morning."

Yes, all the chemicals have gone down the drain, but my photos from a trip to Mali in 1991 were fixed on fiber paper. I'd like to go fishing in the dark again, but for now the photo lab is in storage. Here are two pictures from an exhibit of 30 photographs shown at the Medical Arts Library at the University of Cincinnati in 2003.

Portrait Photography

Photography is the "stencil of nature." Photography is also painting "decisive moments" with light. ImageQuest attempts to capture a slice of life through the lens such as in a portrait. A good photographer knows when the soul reveals itself. When a decisive moment floats along, then I click.

Tinting, Coloring, and Dyeing

Some black-and-white fiber prints just scream for hand-tinting. Tinting with photo oils and cotton swabs is a satisfying fun adventure and delivers pleasing results quickly.

Rainy Roses, handtinted A      Blue Eyes, cross-processed B      B&W Tulips, dyed C

A.The Rainy Roses picture was photographed, out-of-focus, through a rain-pelted patio door. The fiber print was then tinted. B. This fashion accessory close-up with the blue-eyed girl was cross-processed from a slide film. Then the color was semi-corrected in printing. C. Fabric dye converted this black-and-white print into a psychedelic tulip. Maybe it got high on the rubber cement I used in the process.

Coca Cola   Blue Iris

The CocaCola image is printed on fiber paper, showing a baby playing with a drink can. It was colored with red Sharpie. Blue-purplish irises glow in vibrant colors when printed (from slide) on a high-quality ink jet.

Polaroid Transfers

Polaroid Tulips

My Polaroid transfers are made from slides in a small printer. It is hard enough to get a good result this way, but some artists transfer Polaroids from the camera in the field. Such images are truly one of a kind.

I found that the paper is crucial for the success. Find a printing paper with excellent wet strength, and you are in good shape. Be prepared to waste a few films before the emulsion transfers evenly.

Snake Fight    Fourth of July

Photo Play with Barbie

Barbie murdered in tub Once in a while I like to go silly. What appears like a playful snap, was actually a lot of work. I took a number of Barbie images the hard way with a Mamiya C220 medium format. Not only has every action to be set by hand and metered, the off-set focus tricks you into hapless crops at times. At least this Barbie was a patient model.

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